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V/A - Subsequent Hymns by Flying Woofer Records is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. You are free to download and share this release offline with your friends but for online share, only via Flying Woofer Recs and official distribution partners.


In today’s electronic music scene, where genre overrules music perception and function of most listeners, comes a need for a fresh start. More and more grow into listening to music with certain perception, presuming that a certain ‘genre’ must sound the same. As hard it is in this day and age, I ask you to disregard this type of listening during the special occasion of this ‘Subsequent Hymns’ compilation.

1. Lord Boyd - Shark Dad
2. SnubLuck – BlipBlop
3. Midnightsmack – Slo
4. A. Poco. Lips – Snowdayinspace
5. BelgiumBeats – Pounding Madness
6. Able8 – UFO
7. Beats Craze – Ciroc CoCo
8. Amin Payne – Higher
9. Astrobear – In the Beginning
10. Known to be lethal – Quantum
11. Moniker004 – Busta
12. The Blank – Forget

Mastering by Soul Trax Productions
Artwork by Funi Nini

13. NH-Trio – Summertime Relativity
14. Grain Mail – Can(t) Believe
15. Math Bonus – Colordrip
16. Bx2 – Senselessness
17. Lab 5 – Wind
18. Bærfrens – Sleepi Androyd
19. Loec – All (Night)
20. Gelido – Emotion Library
21. Olivaw's Twist - Theory of Prediction
22. Dublab – Dubseed (Feat Nina Hynes)
23. Metaphorical Cloud – Aethereal

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